So, you own your own business.  I’m guessing, as well, that you own your own car or van?

Imagine then, that you wake up tomorrow and decide to go on a journey in your car or van.  Would you even get the keys out if you hadn’t already;

  • Decided where you were going?
  • Worked out why you were going there?
  • Thought about which route you were taking?

Again, I’m guessing you wouldn’t.  Let’s be honest, most people wouldn’t : imagine what would happen at the first junction or roundabout – which way would they turn ?

Business Direction

In my direct experience in over 10 years supporting small businesses, I have found that at least 9 out of 10 business owners are driving their business blind.  They have no destination, no final goal.  They aren’t in tune with the real reasons they’re running their own business – is it to generate income, to build capital wealth; to create a legacy to pass on, to build a business to sell ?

And above all they don’t have a business plan which sets out the route they are going to travel.

Growing Businesses

Now this might not be doing those business owners any harm.  But for the most part, it won’t be doing their prospects for business growth any good either.  Ambitious businesses and ambitious business owners looking for growth have a clear vision or purpose, clearly defined business goals and an up to date business plan which they are measuring themselves against.  In short, they’re driving business growth just like they’d drive their car or van.

Getting started on your journey – whether you have a new business or an existing business which you want to get growing again – is not as daunting as it might appear if you seek out and use the right support and helpful tools.  Get involved by securing yourself a free month’s trial of Small Business Masterclass, and see how you can grow.

Graeme Crosbie