If you’ve done any courses  or attended seminars on business strategy and business planning in the past, you will be familiar with the concept of SMART Goals and Objectives.  That in order for you to have a chance of reaching your goal, you must define it in Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound terms.

The easiest example I can use of SMART in action is to give you two options ;

  • Hi, why don’t we meet up for a drink sometime ?
  • Hi, how about we meet for a coffee at the Costa in the High Street next Tuesday morning, say 10.30 ?

Now which question is most likely to result in meeting you for a drink ?  The second one, right?  Mainly because I was Specific (Coffee at Costa), Achievable and Realistic (in the High Street, as opposed to in a different city), Timebound (Tuesday at 10.30) and the whole thing was measurable, and therefore accountable– either you’re going to turn up or not !

SMART Business Goals

So what has this got to do with Business ?   Well, if your Business Plan (you do have a business plan, don’t you?) isn’t stuffed full of SMART goals, SMART actions, SMART objectives, SMART milestones, then it is much less likely to succeed than a Business Plan that does.

But one place that the traditional model of SMART lets itself down for ambitious business owners is very much in the A.

Ambitious Business Goals

Any ambitious entrepreneur, looking for growth and success, isn’t satisfied with achieving only the ACHIEVABLE, is she ?  If their business is to enjoy success, they have to break a mould, stretch their team, disrupt their market.  So just dealing in what seems Achievable right now is not going to cut it, is it ?

So my challenge to all you ambitious Business Owners is to ditch the Achievable, and focus instead on the Aspirational.  Set yourself ambitious goals, ensuring you make them S,M,R & T and watch your success unfold.

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Graeme Crosbie, masterclass.biz