One of the keys to a successful business is in gaining consistency.  Consistency of quality, consistent levels of service and above all a consistent inflow of cash.

Unfortunately – and you were no doubt expecting me to say this if you are a regular reader of the blog – one of the most challenging things a young business faces is gaining consistency.  In the early days, we find ourselves constantly swinging between going out and getting business, then immersing ourselves in doing the business.   Then once that business is finished, it’s back onto getting some more business, then doing the business.  And so it goes on , a perpetual see-saw of inconsistency which leaves the bank account straining and can easily result in stress and restless nights.

Running your business well means getting it off the see-saw; and that requires the one thing that the business owner believes above all else he or she hasn’t got – a bit of spare time !  Without the regular commitment of 4 -5 hours per week to work ON the business rather than just IN the business, the chances of the business gaining consistency and an staying on an even keel are greatly reduced.

By blocking out those 4 – 5 hours each week – I would recommend 3 blocks of a couple of hours each time, rather than trying to take half a day out of your busy lives – the business owner can work on what will take their business off the see-saw and onto level ground;

  • A robust business plan which sets out the goals and aspirations of the business owner as well as the actions required to get them there
  • A Sales and Marketing System that works to generate new business all the time
  • Administrative systems and procedures which can be outsourced, delegated or automated

By signing up to a free month’s trial of Small Business Masterclass, busy business owners can get a whole bunch of great ideas and tips on how to achieve all this and more … with an investment of just 15 -20 minutes per week for the next four weeks…

Graeme Crosbie