“World-class knowledgebase, training, coaching and support”

Small Business Masterclass offers you the world-class knowledgebase, training, coaching and support you need to get your business delivering better results for you and your customers…

We know that there is a lot to it. Running a successful business, having mastery over all the key business areas of Planning, Marketing, Sales, Money, Service, Team, is a complicated challenge, as much as it is in mastering your self and your own time and focus. So in your journey to success you have to build that mastery one brick at a time, but get them laid before the cement sets….

Small Business Masterclass is conceived as a hop-on / hop-off resource which you can access when it is most relevant for you on your business journey.   Included in our offer are:

Training Workshops – Covering different aspects of the 6 key areas of small business – Planning, Marketing, Sales, Money, Service & Team.  2-hour interactive training workshops, with the emphasis on ‘Action-ability’ : putting your learning into practice straight away

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions – For a really effective ‘shot in the arm’ for your small business : half-day coaching sessions to help you formulate your Business Model, your Business Plan, your Marketing Plan or your Sales Plan.


While the learning you will find in the Small Business Masterclass is suitable for anyone in senior positions in any business, the programme as a whole is designed primarily for those of you who:

  • Own and operate your own business, employing from 0 – 5 staff
  • Own or operate a franchised business employing from 0 – 5 staff
  • Are self-employed or a Contractor who wants to grow your income and perhaps employ others to help you
  • Have recently started up a new business, and want to secure its success
  • Are thinking about starting up your own business, and want to avoid the pitfalls others have had to go through…

As a whole, you enjoy learning new skills and have an ambition to run your business as well as you can, and to grow it to be more successful than it is right now. That might mean you want;

  • More income
  • More profit
  • More customers
  • More time with your family
  • More time to pursue other interests
  • More word-of-mouth recommendation
  • More customer satisfaction
  • More employee satisfaction
  • More self-satisfaction in a job well done!

To get involved, select which training event suits you best, and register online now.  If it’s 1-2-1 coaching that interests you, then send us a contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the best option for you.

Each Masterclass programme is designed to be affordable and accessible to all small businesses.  Typically our training workshops cost less than £30pp, and 1-2-1 coaching sessions cost around £250.