A wise person once said; if you lose all your money, with the right idea and some hard work you can get it back and more.  But once your time has gone, it’s gone for good…

Time is the one finite resource there is in business, and yet as business owners it is generally speaking the one we abuse and mis-manage more than any other.  Getting to grips with Time Management is the nirvana of just about anyone in business, and there are dozens, even hundreds of tools out there which we can use to manage our time more effectively.  It’s just that we don’t have the time to research, learn about and apply them.

One of the first keys to Time Management and to coping with the pressure that time puts on our working day is in knowing what is happening to the time we have.

It was the late Stephen Covey who – in his seminal work 7 Habits of Successful People – first defined what is happening with time in terms of tasks or activities that fill them within our businesses.

There are the important and urgent tasks – the ones which make us money.  There are the equally important tasks which maybe aren’t quite so urgent – like planning, strategy, personal and professional development.  If as business owners we could simply spend 80% of our time on the Important / Urgent and the remaining 20% on Important / Not Urgent, we’d be happy, rich and stress-free.

What gets in the way is all that we’re dealing with which isn’t Important – the Not Important / Not Urgent distraction activities which keep us from our proper work, whether it’s browsing Social Media, chatting with colleagues, killing time at the kettle.  And then there’s the Not Important / Urgent demands on our attention – phone calls, emails, firefighting other people’s mistakes – which some days can dominate our lives to such an extent that we return home exhausted but having achieved nothing of value for our businesses.

To help you get some control over your time as a Business Owner, I urge you invest just 40 – 50 minutes of your time over the next four weeks and join me on our Free month Trial of Small Business Masterclass.

Graeme Crosbie, masterclass.biz